Monday, September 1, 2008

Ten Things I am Thankful For---O---

My Blogging friends and I are on a fun adventure in vocabulary by posting ten things we love and are thankful for in alphabetical order. This week we are on the letter O.
Since it looks like a ring and I am in wedding mode, I decided to post my Ten on Tuesday O Wedding version.

O- Ordering Oatmeal. (A line from Alligators All Around one of Cameron's childhood favorites)

In no specific order

1. Ovaltine- Love that malty goodness, I actually just purchased some. What it has to do with a wedding, I do not know.

2. Oath- Promise, vow, pledge I swear!

3. Obey- I don't remember if I said I would, but I have such a sweet hubby that if he asks, I do.

4. Obstacles- Or trials as I call them, Cam and Beka have overcome several obstacles that have made them a better, stronger, more devoted couple and have brought them to this day.

5. Optimism- I have always been a Cam and Beka supporter, my famous line was why wouldn't God send his servants the right one first.

6. Original- Believe me... With Steve Hays conducting the wedding ceremony, it will definitely be original.

7. Outfit- Yippee!!! So glad I found mine!!!

8. Overwhelmed- With God's help, I do not expect to be

9. Owned- I have always been grateful for the freedom my husband allows me. I have never felt Owned.

10. Occasion- This wedding will indeed be a blessed occasion. People will be moved by the kids devotion to God and each other.

God bless Cam and Beka

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Dena said...

oh my goodness. :o) I'm up at 4:30am, decide to read blogs, found yours again, read the whole dang thing! :o) I will be praying for you, and now wish that I actually knew you, lived on the West Coast and was invited to the wedding. Blessings to you, thanks for letting me be in the MOD club!

Crayl said...

Nice touch , doing all wedding O's...very creative Troy. Bravo.