Sunday, September 7, 2008

Shrinking list

I am happy to announce that my seemingly endless list is shrinking. I have been told I am very calm and I think it may have to do with my sincere desire NOT to procrastinate. I have been asking my non-procrast mentor Leighann almost daily "Is it too early for me to do this?" Yes, Troy chocolates will melt if you make favors a month in advance. OK... I am getting it.

I was doing so well today I even had time to be sick with a really bad sore throat. I was really under the weather and thanks to some wonderful gal pals, my wedding alter vision has come to complete fruition. I know, I know... Post the pics. Well, I took them, and will post as soon as my lesson is over but I can tell you... It is really pretty.

On the night before I got married, I was so nervous I developed leg cramps, I was crying and of course went in and crawled in-between my parents. That was one of the best sleeps of my life. The next day, I was Mrs. Miller.

Tonight I have my Cameron Angel, My little Cammy Wammy, My little Peboes, My darling Lovebug home for the night I told him that it is his choice, he can sleep in any bed in our house and you know where he chose? Of course...

Eric's bed. Yes, in this house, Eric has the comfiest bed. All the kitties know it and if Yogi had an escalator to his top bunk he would be there too. Eric gave up his bed and will sleep on the bottom bunk.

Sleep tight my son.

Tomorrow is a brand new day...

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