Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Blessing of The Countesses

It just makes it easier to make it through any kind of day knowing


I LOVE Bunco! Our group is so wonderful, they have been together more than 20 years and I have no idea how long I have been with them, they are family and you can't count the years when it is family.

Tonight I was a Mother In Law so of course I had pictures to share and share I did. Debbie gushed about her yummy nummy grand daughter, Carmen didn't feel well and we worried about her, Eve had been in the hospital for observation with a positive outcome, Jane is grieving for her Mommy so we were there to cheer her. It is so fun catching up with everyone in just a few moments at a table. My favorite comment of the night was when Carol said she that in the future she can picture us playing Bunco during the day cause we no longer can drive at night. She is so right...

I won some money for being a loser which is a usual thing for me, but what I love most about our Bunco group is I get Refreshed, Loved, cared about and treated so special it is enough to last a month until next Bunco.

I rarely miss, it is only once a month and with benefits like this, I hope all women can get to be a part of a group as wonderful as mine.

Bunco... It's a good thing

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Angela said...

I love bunco! It's comic relief without really ever meaning to be.