Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Ten on Tuesday Q The Dictionary Edition

Just to be Quirky, I thought I would describe 10 different types of Quiet I love but frankly, this week left me in a little bit of a Quandary so I decided to gather the ideas for my Ten Quips from the dictionary.

10 Q things I am thankful for.

"Q- Quite Quarrelsome"

1-Quack- Don't you just love Duckies of course only at a park or zoo, If you have ever owned one, you may no longer appreciate the quack. When I was a kid we had one named Ozwald and we called him "Patio Pooper" We lost all appreciation for his quack.

2.Quadrupeds- Oh how I love my kitties and my Yogi

3.Quaff- To drink- I love my Crystal Light and I am a picky water drinker, I like purified water NOT Arrowhead or spring water.

4.Quagmire- I am grateful to find the lesson at the end of a trial.

5.Quaint- Isn't that a cute word, just for fun, I think I will try to use this word in a sentence today like, "Oh, these Chicken Nuggets are so quaint"

6.Qualm- I am in a bit of a Qualm if I will ever hear from my newly married son again.

7.Quash- I am grateful when God gives me the ability to hold my tongue

8.Quiver- How romantic... "He makes me Quiver"

9.Queen- Although I am a Princess, I am also the Queen of this household.

10.Quiet- I love it most when I am quiet and able to listen to Gods small voice, I love those times. God is Good.

Happy Tuesday!


Heather said...

Great words! I forgot about quadrupeds, which is funny since we have five of them running around the house :)

Crayl said...

Thank you again for joining in. Nice dictionary list! Did you know that I personally know "Happily Ever After"? I delight that you have started reader her stuff.Go serve those quaint nuggets!

Amy said...

very nice. :) I will admit however, most of my words are considered "dead" and no longer used lol

Missy Shell said...

I love the word Quagmire!