Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wounded Bird

A neighbor girl in Eric's class who normally walks to school has discovered when we leave for school and has taken to getting rides from us.

I don't mind cause we are going that way, but because I am a cautious mom I told her this morning that I can give her no more rides until I get a note or her mother calls me for approval.

She got kind of quiet and sad and I asked her what was up. She began to tell me the police came to her house cause her uncle was threatening to hit her, she had a long involved story that honestly was maybe a little too personal to share with a woman you hardly know. She talked of her unhappy home life and said she wished she could live anywhere else.

Oh how I wish I could pick her up like a wounded bird and give her my lovies and attention, but I know better,...And I had to explain to Eric.

There are always two sides to stories, this time I listened and told her I would pray for her, I gave her a hug as she left for school and I thought a lot of her today, but if she had a real conversation with me she would probably not like it because I would tell her that at 13 she definitely shares responsibility for her conflicts and I would give her my old "Look to yourself first to see why you are in the situation and what can YOU do to fix your part" That is tough for kids to hear cause they LOVE to blame and blame cause of course they are completely innocent. I told Eric you never know, her uncle could have simply asked her to get him a glass of water and attitude and anger escalated out of control.

He got it and I got it too, Oh How I would love a daughter to nurture and love, it would be my honor to give a child in need a loving home, but not yet. I know our family is wonderful just the way God made it. But, how could I pass it up if Mother Theresa gave me a child and said "Take her home and love her" like she did to Cindy McCain.

OK, If you insist

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