Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hankie Wah Wah

I LOVE MYSPACE!!! I joined this network because my cousin said she would make me a cool page. Sincerely, that is the ONLY reason I joined. Of course, she made me a page I love and have little desire to change because it is totally me.

Because of my love of writing, (and of course God) I have met some amazing Bosom, Kindred Spirit friends. I have met several and would be happy to meet more anytime.

One thing that comes with blogging or should I say with my blogging... You know just about everything about me. My life is an open book.

I could even do a survey... Name 10 things that Troy loves, that's an easy one.

Well, today in the mail I got a wonderfully thoughtful surprise from the MySpace gals

Some Vintage Hankies to wipe my wedding day tears. Oh how I love the Vintage.

Yes, I have decided to carry the yellow most lacy one and keep the other two in my purse as back ups.

I expect to do A LOT of crying tomorrow.

Thanks gals... I'm feeling the LOVEEEEEEE

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