Monday, September 22, 2008

Things I Miss

This post idea came from my blogger friend and is not meant to make you call the Whaaaambulance, it is just another form of expressing thankfulness.

Things I miss...

Of course the #1 thing I miss and always will miss are my parents. It completely SUCKS (sorry if it offends but that is the very best word to describe the loss of a parent) to not have parents and for your kids to not have grandparents, Could you imagine how excited and proud they would have been to attend the wedding? Cameron was the first grandchild on both sides of the family!!!I miss watching mom peel potatoes and I miss going to Laughlin with dad. But... I am so thankful we went to Laughlin and my mom was so funny and cute when she peeled potatoes. What awesome memories.

#2 I totally miss Little League- It was a sad day when Cameron aged out of Little League. I loved the family of the ball park, the little brothers and sisters bringing their toys and playing on the bleachers, you would think they didnt notice a thing but when brother would hit they would cheer. I even miss freezing in the stands and saying "what do people in real live cold states do?" I miss getting Nachos and eating sunflower seeds. Good times, Good times...

#3 I miss babies in my lap and fingers under the bathroom door. Just last night I wished Eric would crawl in bed with me, there is nothing like waking up to the face of a baby blissfully sleeping in your bed. My kids knew to get in on Steve's side and they could get in bed with us anytime they wanted.

#4 I miss my Honey Baby Princess Bear. She was a really special kitty that loved being held. She just fit in my arms and would sit on my lap for hours.

But I LOVE the relationship I have with my brothers and sister and cousin Syd. I love how easy going holidays are and how we enjoy each others company.

I LOVE my sons older, I LOVE seeing the young men they have become and i LOVE being an old married couple with Steve. I look forward to early bird dinners and the benefits of owning an AARP card.

I LOVE that we decided to get a Dog. They have never been my favorite but I cant imagine life without our Yogi.

I love that I can go with the flow, I love that I can be blessed by memories and I am simply grateful daily.

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Crayl said...

Thank you for embracing the meaning of my post! I remember fingers under the door. And paws of a cat too, Lucky.