Friday, September 5, 2008

Sore Feet/ Warm Heart

Well, tonight was the wedding rehearsal. My day was a whirlwind from the second I got up until now at 11:55 pm.

I knew all would be good and the house would come together, it always does.

Yesterday I received an amazing blessing from my Bunco pal Barbara. She came over and helped me give my house a super duper clean. I fully intended to pay her generously for her services but she refused. The thought of this blessing still makes me cry. I told her "I will accept your gift as a blessing from God" but in reality,
I simply can't believe that I am worthy of someone doing something so special and SOOO needed for me. Plain old simple me.

But, I guess we have done something right in this lifetime, if we ask, people help. My brother, sil, and sister Penny who came home from Texas ( I still hate Texas) helped set up all the tables and food and everything looked simply spectacular if I do say so myself.

The rehearsal was fun, the kids were so sweet, they are totally ready to do this. Last year they were young college students, today they were a Bride and Groom.

I am all about the details, the kids loved all the special touches like the printed M&M's (super expensive) to the sepia tone versions of their favorite pictures. I served their favorite ice creams for dessert and everyone had a great time.

Blessings abound

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Thany said...

Hey friend!

Thinking of you this will be amazing. It will be wonderful. It will be FANTASTIC!
And you will cry.
But that's OK.


Keep your eyes open for a little something in the mail, hopefully Saturday.

Love you pal!