Tuesday, September 23, 2008

ARRRRR I Be Thankful...

Once I saw an Obituary for a person with the last name of ARR and I thought "THAT"S THE COOLEST LAST NAME EVER!!!!" When asked that question "What's the origin of you last name?" You could say...
"DUH, PIRATE!!!" Hee Hee Hee

R- Riding Reindeer

10 R things I am thankful for

1.Red Shoes- One of those things that you buy and never realize how many things they go with.

2. Roses- I have the loveliest rose garden, I planted one in memory of all the special women who have passed from my life.

3. Rastro- Don't you love how Astro talks on the Jetsons? I Rove Reric's Rurly Rair

4. Rebates- It always feels like a little gift from God when you get one that you forgot about.

5. Realizations- I had a life changing one today. Sometimes it really is all the other persons fault.

6. Remorse- Without it, a lesson is not learned. "Troy, you made that boy cry when you scolded him" "Good, then there is hope for him"

7. Really- A word used way too often by me usually paired with "totally"

8. Rice Krispy Treats- Need I say more, but I always love the commercial where the lady puts flour on her face and messes her hair because they are so difficult to make.

9.Rainbows- I'm always looking for Rainbows... I have seen one double in my life and it was AWESOME!

10. Rapture- Great word!!! I know where I will be... Do you???

Have a Blessed Week



Mrs. Carol said...

I got to see a double rainbow in France in 2004--magnificent.

Crayl said...

Rice Rist.:)

Missy Shell said...

#3...You totally cracked me up!
Great list!

Dena said...

Dear Troysie, too funny list. Loved it and I really and totally agree with Crayl. Love that Astro doggie.