Thursday, August 7, 2008

One More Month

I'll bet you thought by the title of this post that I was going to talk about the fact that Cameron and Rebekah's wedding is one month from TODAY!!!

I'll bet you thought I would write something thoughtful and reflecting but in reality...

I wish we had just one month more... One more month... Two more paychecks to be exact... One more month to collect more... MONEY

As parents of the groom, my husband has always thought that we got to just show up on the specific day, cry a little, and Partaaaayyyy. The first thing my husband said as we were leaving the sonograms announcing we were having a son was "Well, at least we won't have to pay for a wedding"

I never thought that though. For me, being involved in the wedding process is my pleasure, actually, give me a budget and the kids could pretty much just show up and get married and everything would be done for them. I get off on stuff like this.

We found we needed to help pay for the wedding on a greater level than we expected and because we are a single income family, financial contribution for a wedding is easier said than done...

We can always find a way to pay for things somehow, God always provides and I refuse to let something like Money stand in the way of my sons dream wedding, but ask my hubby to open his wallet and pay for something unexpected and my jolly old elf turns into a grumpy old dwarf. So... We will keep most of the costs a secret... (luckily, he doesn't read blogs Hee Hee Hee)

I love watching wedding shows but lately, those shows are a bitter pill to swallow when you see the cost of the napkin rings on the Platinum wedding show is more than our entire budget.

I just try to keep things in perspective... It is all about the marriage and the kids would be just as married if they went to the Public Library and saw the state clerk as if they arrived to the ceremony by hot air balloon, ate caviar and had dinner served by waiters in white gloves.

Our kids DESERVE the best, after all, their wedding will be a once in a lifetime event, not only for Cam and Beka but for all the guests as well. I have never known a couple who have made such a commitment to God and his plan for purity. I have never seen a wedding where purity rings will be exchanged, and I especially have never seen (or heard of) a wedding where the couple will share their first real kiss on the lips when they say "I do"

Cam and Beka are such a special couple, they deserve to be told "Whatever you want" but alas, the best their families can say is "Whatever you need"

I know all will be well, this wedding will be wonderful, everyone will be happy, and especially blessed, but for us that are behind the scenes I think we will always wish we could do more...


Crayl said...

How very exciting and wonderful!

A Perfect Life said...

You are such wonderful parents! (My husbands parents helped with nothing...actually they cost us money) And i commend them for such a great relationship with each other and with God... Its beautiful to see and I hope that someday i can explain to my daughter how special it will make her future wedding day.. and how i wish that i could have followed that path.