Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Creative Packaging

I used to love this show on HGTV called "A Wedding Story" I once saw a Mother of the groom wearing her sons baby picture locket on her dress and I thought. Man that is such a mushy thing, I am TOTALLY going to do that!!!

I still have my baby picture locket but I needed a pin.

EBay to the rescue. Found the exact pin I needed and ordered it. (won it)

The seller notified me there would be a delay in shipping because she was on vacation. I told her it was for a wedding and gave her the date and she said she would do what she could to get it to me ASAP.

The pins arrived yesterday in the most creative packaging ever.

First the pins were wrapped in Kleenex, then put in a hotel shower cap box, then wrapped in a ice bucket liner, more Kleenex and finally the whole thing was wrapped in the actual shower cap. Works for me!!!

Thank you so much EBay seller, the package arrived safely...

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A Perfect Life said...

Aww.. cute idea.. I used to love watching that show too. And i also love a baby story.. but it would prolly make me cry cause im all hormonal right now. lol