Monday, August 4, 2008


Today, my future daughter in law received her Kudos as the soon to be wife of a boy who never cleaned his room.

She got him to do the impossible, throw his stuff away.

I have always told him to use two words when cleaning "No Mercy" But today he did just that and I really wish he had given me warning because there were some things I would have liked to keep.

Just silly mementos of a childhood in the same room which now filled two large trash cans but they were my memories too. I know my sentiments are shared by Steve and Eric because looking at the "trash" we all wanted to go in and rescue it. " I wonder if a boy at church would like this unopened science kit? These books are so cool, I know they would be loved by another boy who's interests were Star Wars and Lord of the Rings"...

Oh well... Gotta let it go...

But here is the clincher and why my future daughter in law gets the kudos. I didn't hear one word of griping. Not one belittling word of "How could you live like this?" and to that I was proud of the woman my son has chosen. Now mind you, we were not in the room while they were cleaning and she may have been saying plenty, but to us in the other room we heard nothing which shows me she cares for her future husbands dignity and to that I say "Well Done Beka"

Now where is that plastic Owl you found on our Cub Scout camping trip?


A Perfect Life said...

Could she come over to my house and get my husband to do

-Mrs.JohnBrown (From myspace)

amanda_nicole said...

I think you should post pictures. :)