Sunday, August 24, 2008

The Wedding Pile

It started off as a bag from Dollar Tree, a few bouquets of flowers and some ribbon. More flowers, vines, ribbon, tulle, garden hooks etc...

The pile was spreading so it found a home in a 3'x3' shop vac box. Then we decided to have the rehearsal dinner here at the house so another pile began.

That pile soon needed its own home but luckily it's box is much smaller, favors, candies etc...

I realized today that you must take a side step past the wedding pile in order to get to one of the dining room chairs. Have I created a monster that is growing like The BLOB?

My cousin came over today and said "Oh I see your wedding pile, I have one growing in my kitchen too" (her daughter is getting married early November)

I felt a little better... I promise it is organized.

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A Perfect Life said...

I had one of those piles when i was getting married, actually it was a huge It sat in the living room corner.