Thursday, August 21, 2008


Sometimes I am so amazed at how important the Internet is to my daily life.

I haven't picked up a yellow book in years, and while I still love going to the mall, if I want an unusual present for someone, the Internet is there. If it is out there, I can find it.

I have made several purchases for the wedding online, starting with my mother of the groom dress. Didn't like it so sent it back but it helped me to realize I had to get a dress made. Stores didn't offer the quantity of tulle I needed so of course I found a great deal at a site and also took advantage of their clearance section for some added special touches.

When researching shade canopies I found that the cost to rent was simply astronomical, a girlfriend referred me to a site where I purchased the canopies for a great price with Free shipping. Yippee!!!

My best deal was for ties, the four ushers needed matching maroon ties and found them for $20 total including shipping. It was a buy three get one deal. Sweet.

Yesterday three packages arrived and I only have another two to go before all my wedding purchases have arrived.

I love the Internet.

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