Sunday, August 17, 2008


I can't believe the ignorant comments people have said when I mention Cameron moving out. "Oh they have moved in together". I have heard it so many times I want to scream!

"No, Cameron moved in but Beka did not"

When I say that I get lots of sarcastic "Uh Huh's" and wink wink's.

Forget it, many people simply do not understand the concept of purity. I have even been told that their relationship sounds "sick" because they don't "desire" each other. I try to explain that it is not about desire, it is about commitment, to your spouse and to God. I totally believe in saving ones body for marriage, I truly believe it is God's plan. I believed in it for myself and have raised my sons the same way. To me, there is no option, Sex is for love and the commitment of marriage, period.

Now mind you, I do not have my head in the sand... I unconditionally love my children and if they chose not to remain pure until marriage that would be their choice, they might feel a little wet noodle slap but whatever... Life would not end.

However, I would be a little sad, I truly believe that your body is treasure and a gift, It is a burden that I carry watching girls give themselves up for sex without love, It is portrayed on TV as "normal". I will never forget a moms comment on a reality show "Every girl sleeps with her high school boyfriend" Wow, makes my heart sink.

The kids have told us they believe in Gods plan for marriage and purity. The kids have both taken a public vow of purity, they have told us they desire to wait to kiss and have sex until marriage and have never given us a reason not to believe them.

I believe them, and I am proud of them... Unconditionally


A Perfect Life said...

I think its great what they are doing. Honestly i never understood the importance of waiting until marriage to have sex until after i was married and had already missed out on waiting.. I don't regret my past.. there's no point to it, but i hope that i can make my kids understand what i learned after the fact.

Society has become so immoral lately.. more and more things become socially acceptable, when they shouldn't be.

Crayl said...

It's sad that people can't see the truth, that they assume it's always as the world works. Ignorance is right.

Thany said...

I slept with my high school boyfriend.
I slept with the first guy who kissed me.
I slept with my prom date too.

Good thing they were all the same guy...and we waited till AFTER our wedding day! ;)