Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Ten On Tuesday - L

Here is a continuation of a weekly blog some friends and I are doing through the alphabet. It is a blog of gratefulness and thankfulness for all things "L" related to my wedding diaries...

L- Looking Like Lions...

10. Lace- Most wedding dresses are not complete without it.

9. Locket- Gonna wear mine with my 6 month old Cameron's photo.

8. Lending- People are so generous and we are thankful for their time, abilities and cabins.

7. Laugh- Sometimes, it is all you can do.

6. Life- This union will begin a new one.

5. Luck- Totally don't believe in it. All these blessings are purely a God Thing!

4. Legacy- Two families coming together, we are adding another branch to our family tree.

3. Learning- Marriage is definitely a learning process

2. LOVE- A mother's dream come true to see it in the eyes of the woman who is marrying your son.

1. Lord God Almighty- Brought these two together, keeps their hearts united in times of trial, and is the center of their relationship.

Cameron and Beka- A Lifetime of Love and Laughter to you...

Love, Mommy