Saturday, August 30, 2008

M.O.D No More

Several years ago I invented M.O.D. which stands for Mom Of Dudes.

It was my way of making myself and other mothers of sons feel special. Not only are we mom of dudes but we are MOD as well.

If you had a girl, I am sorry, but you are not MOD.

M.O. D is for Mom Of Dudes only.

The term caught on in my circle of friends and I became the Mom Of Dudes. I sign all my crafts with my M. O. D. logo and had some groovy labels with M.O.D Crafts made just for more fun.

I will never forget when my cousin had her first son she was so excited when she told me "Now I'm MOD!!!" You sure are sweetie and wear it proudly.

Well, in just one week I will no longer be M. O. D. I have decided that I will now be M. O. D. D. this stands for "Mom of Dudes and a Daughter in law" which I will write as Mom Of Dudes & DIL.

My new name is too long and it is simply too complicated to formally change all my cyber world, but in my heart you can now call me M.O.D.D.

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