Wednesday, August 6, 2008

The Trash Went Out

Never thought I would see the day when I was sad to see the trash go out, but today my heart smile (Troy word) was a little bit glum, not a complete upside down frown, just a little bit glum.

I discussed it with him and he said he was OK with all that he threw away so I decided I had to be OK with it too.


I did refrain from digging through the trash and you got to give me kudos for that or this list would have been way longer.

Here is what I rescued because I KNOW my son will need these things for his future.

1. A vintage travel iron I got at a yard sale. Hey this thing is handy dandy and ohh so retro

2. Books-
A)How to draw fantasy creatures (f0r Eric of course)
B) Lord of the Rings Weapon and Warfare guide (indeed a future classic)
C) Incredible Cross Sections (Now Come on, this book is really cool! Where else can you see where the bathroom is on a Viking Ship)
D) Hardback red letter Bible (shame, shame, shame)

3. The Camping Owl- It is kind of a Cub Scout Trophy. When I was a Scout leader and we would camp, I would send the boys on a scavenger hunt for the most unusual things they could find. Cam found this super cool plastic flying Owl and all the other boys went crazy for it. It was the ultimate find, so much better than gunshot shells, rocks, sticks, etc...

And Lastly... My Son's future will definitely not be the same without this...

4. A Big Orange Dr Seuss Fish - This is a prop from the Seussical Musical he was in last year and a really memorable part of his Senior year.

Now that I wrote this down I am really glad I didnt look in the trash cans, Still it was sad when I got home and saw the cans had been emptied...

Don't worry dear... Your treasures are safe with me.

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