Saturday, August 23, 2008


One thing I have told everyone is that I truly desire to be a good Mother In Law (MIL).

I really want to have a great relationship with Beka. Not a mother/daughter or girlfriend/girlfriend relationship but a great MIL/DIL relationship.

Since I have never been a MIL and she has never been a DIL we will have to make this relationship our own. I love the thought of having an all new relationship with her, especially since I never had a daughter and always wanted one so badly.

I have had my feelings hurt a couple of times during this wedding adventure but luckily, God has sent me the most wonderful mix of girlfriends to help me along the way. Although I probably deserved a wet noodle slapping or a good strangle, my girlfriends have been there with just the right lovingly honest talking tos that I so very much needed.

The wrong people want to gossip and Vilify my future daughter in law, but choosing just the right person to confide in about a certain issue helps me get a bigger picture of the world I am about to enter without hard feelings and I come out of the conflict a better, more understanding person and for that I am grateful.

I am super excited about being a Mother In Law. I am super excited God chose Beka for my son, and I am blessed with a gaggle of girlfriends who are always willing to lend an ear, offer a prayer, or just make me laugh.

Girlfriends make me who I am and I know with their guidance I will achieve my goal of being a great MIL.

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