Monday, August 25, 2008

Rolling up my sleeves

Yesterday it was official, I will be a MOG in just two more weekends. I have a lot of things I will be making and I have cut myself off from adding to my list, it is long enough.

So today I will roll up my sleeves and begin...

First on my list... MOG Dress.

Starting with the bad news. God my dress back from the seamstress and I am unhappy. Wahhhhhhh, this is totally heartbreaking for me, BUT I do believe there is a light. Not all is horrible about the blouse parts are right and I know how to fit myself so I ripped the thing apart and it is better. Today I will sew it back together so hopefully, I made the close but no cigar blouse a home run.

I like the skirt except that it is long, I am a shortie and it makes me feel really short. Makes me wish I could read minds so I can know what people really think when I try it on.

So far I have gotten, "That color is great on you" and stuff like that. Hmmmmm

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