Friday, August 22, 2008


When Cam moved out that left his chores undone. A re-assignment of household duties was in order although I know Steve and Eric would have been completely happy if I just absorbed Cams chores into my daily list... NOT

Gave them the choice and Eric chose dishes and Steve reluctantly chose trash detail. Although it is still Eric's chore to bring in the cans after weekly trash disposal day.

So far...I would love to say so good. BUT...

Eric- " Dad, you need to take out the trash"

Dad- "You need to bring in the trash cans"

Mom " Eric you need to put the dishes away"

Eric " Dad didn't take out the trash"

Mom " OK men... Am I going to have to get tough here?"...

I know they are afraid of mommy's wrath.

Chores are done.

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