Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today I was writing the date on a bag 8-6-08, all of a sudden it was like a giant loud GONGGGGGG went off in my ear.

8-6-08 that means tomorrow will be 8-7-08! One month until I am a MOG!!!

(If you don't know by now, I am normally MOD which is Mom Of Dudes but soon I will be a MOG which is Mother Of Groom which will then make me MILOB Mother In Law Of Beka) Your head spinning yet? Just wait til I am a Graham Cracker!!!

I turned to the woman who was substituting in our kitchen and does not know me from Adam (gotta research that phrase) and said "My son is getting married in a month from tomorrow"

I got a Smile with no teeth from the kindly sub which means (this lady is crazy) and a courtesy "Great"

Breathe Troy... Breathe

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