Monday, August 18, 2008


When I was a young girl and I would fantasize about my dream man, he would always have brown hair and blue eyes. All my coloring book princes would have that same look and all my girls were the same, with blond hair and Magenta shoes. Maybe it was a Ken doll fixation since I secretly longed to be Barbie.

Anyways... Flash forward to November 4th, 1982 to Norton Simon Museum in Pasadena Ca and the location of the first meeting of Steve and Troy.

Troy's first thoughts..."Blue Eyes"

Troy's second thought... "Brown Hair"

Troy's third thought... "Is this my dream man?"

Yep, I got my dream man, Brown hair and Blue eyes. Now his hair is grey and his eyes need glasses, but the still does it for me even 25 years later.

My son Cameron has always had a dream girl in mind too, His fantasy princess would be tall and thin with beautiful fair skin,long brown hair and brown eyes.

Cameron was never a boy that didn't like girls and was looking for his princess as early as elementary school. He was perfectly fine with finding his true love at a young age and being done with the search. He liked several girls along the way but none of them were "The One" I felt sorry for my 14 year old when he would tell me of his sad bachelor life ( inside I was giggling cause I knew she was out there) He met Beka and well like they say... The rest is history.

The first thing Beka did after getting engaged was find her wedding dress. 'You want to see it Troy?" She asked me several times and each time I said yes but something distracted us and I never got around to it, then I realized it was because I want to be surprised just like Cameron will be. I want to see the bride he sees, the radiant princess of his dreams. I thought I was totally cool with that.

BUT yesterday, I couldn't help it, I had to look at her sneak peek hairstyle shots with the dress on. What fun she must be having, trying on her dress whenever she wants and dreaming of her upcoming big day.

When she will indeed be my sons dream bride and truly, the fairest of them all...