Thursday, August 14, 2008

He Doesn't Live Here

"He Doesn't Live Here"

I said that phrase for the first time last night. After the words left my mouth I kind of thought, Hey, I just said my son doesn't live here anymore. Wow.

This is a good thing... The dude gave blood twice in High School and the blood bank calls at least three times a week recruiting. They are just as relentless as the fake police/sheriff dept fundraisers and the mortgage companies from India that harass me no end.

I have been ignoring the calls when I see them on the caller ID but now I can answer the phone and tell them the truth, this guy will not be calling you back.

He hasn't called... His mail is piling up...

Are we surprised... No.

Actually, we took a bet and Steve is ahead.

Darn, I am going to owe him a dinner...

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