Friday, August 29, 2008

See You At The Wedding

"See you at the wedding" I can't believe I have said that phrase several times this week. First to my friend Susie after we made the aisle flower arrangements, to Sydney my cousin at the end of our phone conversation and again last night to my pals Kathy and Dee Dee.

Our movie date to see "House Bunny" was exactly what I needed, a brainless normal evening where we hardly discussed the wedding at all.

These gals are totally there for me and were happy to see that I am in a nice calm state.

Sure there is tons for me to do, money is mega super tight, but I know all will get done, I have a three day weekend ahead of me in addition to three days off prior to the wedding and two days off afterwards.

So, today, Friday, 8/29, although I have a sick son which many times means I am next, my dress is not finalized, an alter to create and a rehearsal dinner to orchestrate, I am good, calm, and ready for the week ahead.

See You At The Wedding!!!

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A Perfect Life said...

Wow, its almost time! How exciting! : )