Sunday, August 31, 2008


I am still marvelling at how strangely normal it feels to have my son out of the house. We have been such a close knit family of four for so long you would think the transition would be worse.

He came by yesterday, picked up his mail, some gifts, grabbed a candy from the dish and left.

I told Steve "I don't feel like I know my son anymore" Steve agreed and said he felt the same way.

We do feel cast off , discarded and definitely disconnected from Cameron and it is all at his initiative. He has chosen to treat us like this, we have done nothing to earn the treatment.

Steve is rather hurt by our sons behavior and can get sad when we talk about it, but I reminded him that we are great parents, we have never done or given our son a reason to do anything but hold us in high regard. I hope that maybe this is what he has to do to let go in his own way. We can accept that.

We pray that our son realizes he is still a part of us, and we are a part of him, weather he likes it or not, and weather we fit in to his new life or not families are forever.

Are we disappointed in him... Sure, a little, but can we do anything about it and should we let it ruin our life... No

So, we are moving on... As a family of three... And a dog

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