Saturday, August 9, 2008

Open Doors

When giving advise to my newly engaged son I told him to look for "Open Doors".

If it is God's plan for you to marry then he will open the doors for it to happen. HOWEVER... Be mindful of closed doors and believe in God and all will be well.

First, Cam got a full time job with benefits which was a major open door. All has gone well with the wedding planning with nothing anyone would consider a closed door.

The kids began their search for an apartment. They had their budget all set and knew just what they could afford. Figuring they would be living in a typical "Starter home" their expectations were low. But God decided to open a great door and provide them with an excellent apartment in great location.

We got to see the place last night and Steve and I felt nothing but pride. We are so happy for the kids... It is really happening, they are going to be getting married and starting their life...

So far, it is a blessed one indeed

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