Sunday, August 31, 2008

You can all rest easy

You can all rest easy my friends, I found a dress for the wedding.
I went to the store with the intent that if I don't completely love what I see then I will pursue the repair of the purple disaster.

HOWEVER... The angels sang and the lights were a little brighter in the dressing room today when I found the perfect outfit for me.

A black skirt with a beautiful chiffon overlay just floaty enough and ankle length just what I wanted.

The blouse is a black and white sparkly print that even has very tiny star shapes in the pattern, Beka is a star girl and in a way I am wearing my dress for her as well as Cameron.

I feel completely comfortable and my very best in the dress. I am so excited, and even though I believe I was honestly telling my girlfriends I wasn't worried about the dress after I left the store I actually felt a weight lift off of my shoulders. Bag, shoes and jewelry are also a check.

Steve said he thinks we will look the best we have since our own wedding day. Eric said I looked like a queen. Awwwww.

So, Lucy and I went and got pedicures which are now checked off of the list.

Bring on the MODD MOG

I know, I know... Post pictures... Not Yet!!!

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Missy Shell said...

SO glad you found the perfect dress!!! And yes, you need to post pictures! :-)