Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Every Single Day

Every day since my son was little he has eaten a bowl of cereal for breakfast. I always have milk and cereal in my house.I don't exactly know what his favorites are because he eats whatever I buy on sale.

Sometimes as a coupon shopper cereal goes on Super Sale and I stock up. Once Cam said I had a Cereal addiction. I couldn't help it! $1.00 a box!!!

Even though for the past year his work, school and love life schedules have made him a virtual phantom in our household the milk and cereal was being consumed.

Eric has always had the same breakfast schedule as his brother but since Cameron's departure I began noticing my cereal boxes are remaining unopened, and starting to multiply. I asked Eric what his favorite cereals were since I am just buying for him and he blew my mind with his response.

"I am not really that crazy about cereal. I would love to have eggs, toast or waffles instead of cereal"


How could a mother be so clueless?

So today I went shopping, I will send the unopened boxes of cereal home with the moved out son and now in our pantry and refrigerator is...

What a concept.

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A Perfect Life said...

LOL. : ) I do the same thing, i buy whats on sale.. but there arnt a lot of cereal eaters in my house, mainly just me.. john occasionally.