Sunday, August 10, 2008

And Then There Were Three

Without much fanfare, tears, or remorse, Cameron officially moved out of our home yesterday.

Suddenly, we are a family of three...

For the past year Cam has been hardly here anyways. He would observe our 1:00 am curfew and creep in after we were asleep. We could tell he was here if his car was parked out front. Our home was basically where he laid his head so we are used to him not being around, but after this official move, we felt a void, we could definitely tell our son was not home. Here anyways

He is indeed home... His home.

Will he call?

Will we see him?

No idea, we hope so, but aren't taking any bets.

PS. Eric made his official announcement:
"Only Children Are Supposed To Be Spoiled"


Crayl said...
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Crayl said...

Life is such a journey, welcome to the beginning of the newest part.