Tuesday, August 5, 2008


We have lived in this small house for 23 years. When we moved in it was the two of us in a three bedroom house, we used one bedroom as a den and one room was for me and my crafts. We had a formal living room and dining room. Our cute little house was a dream.

When our first child came along we re-arranged the house losing the formal living room but I still had my craft room. I am a craft type of gal and I needed my room for all my "stuff".

When baby #2 came along, we decided that instead of moving like our neighbors did we would stay in our little house which had now reached maximum capacity, there was no longer a formal living room, each and every inch of the house was now utilized and my personal craft space was a thing of the past.

Crafts are still something I love to do, but my projects are limited to the super quick and simple because I craft on the kitchen table and cant leave anything undone lying around.

When our son announced he was getting married and moving out, the wheels began turning in my mind. Craft room... Ahhhhhh.

I began eyeballing craft room designs basically I was drooling for my newfound space.

Then I wondered... Can I change the room the second he moves out or is there a rule that I must wait a respectable amount of time "mourning" my baby moving out?

How would it look for people to come here for the rehearsal dinner and the room is already re-painted and decorated? Hmmmmm It is a dilemma.

NOT! I have been waiting far too long for this little house to grow an extra room. So here is the plan...

#1 Son moves out
#2 Paint
#3 Re-decorate


Love you Cam, but I can't wait to have my own room again.

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A Perfect Life said...

LOL.. great plan : )

I would love to have a craft space!