Sunday, August 3, 2008

Showers of Memories

I am really excited that my son is getting married the same year as we had our 25th anniversary. I look forward to their 25th anniversary and our 50th anniversary. That will be a blessed year indeed.

Yesterday was Beka's bridal shower, her friends pulled off a beautiful shower and Beka's favorite Taco Soup was served and was enjoyed by everyone there.
I was so blessed to have my Aunt Linda and my two cousins Dee Dee and Carol with me. We were having such a fun time and Beka was doing so well, sometimes being the center of attention can be overwhelming but she handled the pressure like a champ.

During the games it was announced that as her "Something Old" Beka will be wearing the same Cameo pin I wore to my wedding and again at my 25th anniversary party. The pin belonged to my grandmother Nellie Ayon, my mother gave it to me the Christmas after I got married and now it is becoming the traditional wedding pin. My cousin Annie and my sister in law wore it too. It will be such an honor to me and my family to have her wear the pin on her special day.

I love Bridal showers, I love seeing the gifts and visiting with people I don't get to see all that often. I love Bridal shower games, it cracks me up how competitive people will get for a candle or a tube of lotion.

My cousin said, "I will never forget you Bridal Shower Troy" then she went on to recall the special gift my moms friend Norma gave me. She was the most creative person when it came to gifts and they were always unexpected and funny. For my wedding she gave me a box that said "Wedding JOYS for Troy" First was a bottle of Joy dish soap, then the Joy of Cooking vol I then the Joy of Cooking vol II then finally at the bottom of the box was the clincher The Joy Of Sex! Everyone got such a kick out of the gift but I had no idea all three of my relatives would remember the contents of that box in such detail so many years later.

I love putting thought into my gifts for special occasions and if I don't make the gift, I make sure it is either customized or has special meaning. I have the luxury of technology, the Internet, catalogs and malls galore at my disposal so I can locate that perfect gift. Norma however, relied on good old sense of humor and creativity to make the gift of all gifts.

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