Monday, August 11, 2008

Go Ahead... Bless Me

Went to the restaurant to check on catering for the rehearsal dinner we will be hosting at our home.

This restaurant was Beka's suggestion and one that I have always wondered about, but never had gone to.

I decided to order a take out sampler plate for dinner so Daddy and Eric could have an opinion too. The gentleman was very nice and gave me some extra samples and discussed my catering. It was looking good.

I asked a woman who was waiting for her food if I would join her so I took a seat across from her. Of course you know me, I could not sit there quietly, we started chatting about the restaurant and then she said.

"I heard you ordering the family meal and I almost offered you a coupon for 20% off."

I said "Oh, why didn't you bless me?"

She then said she was embarrassed and thought I would be embarrassed too. Got me thinking... Do I look like someone who would not want a coupon? I sure hope not.
Coupons have been the saving grace of my entire homemaking life. I use them all the time in my grocery shopping and leave good ones around the store when I won't use them. (Ever wondered who did that?... Well, it's me!)

I loved when McDonald's had 50% off Sea World coupons. I would take several with me and bless the people in the line at the park. Since six tickets could be bought with one coupon I always felt like I had saved that family enough for them to afford dinner. I don't know, but it just made me feel good.

Cam and Beka are coupon users too, she got some coupons in a shower card and was happy to show them off.

Humble, simple, friendly, and blessed is what I want to look like. Not above such things...

Hand me that coupon sister... Bless me...

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A Perfect Life said...

Ive just recently become a coupon user and man do i love them! :)